Scaling Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI at scale requires a Data Collaboration Platform... or it will fail !

The era of AI being a distant, conceptual wish in the enterprise has long passed. Nowadays, organizations are eager to transition from merely experimenting with AI and ML projects to implementing it on a grand scale. However, the questions on how to take AI to market for the majority of businesses still vastly outweigh the answers.

Today's organizations are encountering three primary hurdles when it comes to scaling AI: 


Lack of confidence in operationalizing AI

A well-orchestrated AI strategy relies on a foundation of trustworthy data, coupled with automated tools that yield transparent and comprehensible results.


Difficulties in effectively managing data

The creation of responsible AI demands meticulous planning, as well as the reduction in the amount of data integration needed to access and use the data.


Adhering to the evolving landscape of AI regulations.

AI regulations should be implemented via a diverse set of stakeholders rather than a centralized body. Data Product ownership as a data model for AI allows streamlined compliance standards and efforts.

Cinchy's Data Collaboration Platform is ideally equipped to empower your organization to expand and expedite the roll out of AI in the organization, all while maintaining data quality and trustworthiness throughout your entire enterprise.

Data Collaboration is the key to unlock the true power of AI

Cinchy helps unlock AI potential in the enterprise by providing a comprehensive data management platform that addresses data integration challenges, promotes collaboration, ensures data security and governance, and streamlines AI development and deployment processes. 

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