Data Liberation

The 3 Steps of Data Collaboration

Data Federation
Data Liberation
Data Collaboration

Unlock your Legacy and SaaS Data With No-Code Real-Time 2-Way Data Synchronization

Data liberation is a pattern of integration that aims to make your next integration your last. By synchronizing data between your apps and your collaborative data products, you can achieve federation and collaboration without rip and replace.

Enhance Data Accessibility and Collaboration

Data is centralized in a unified environment, fostering self-service access, and eliminating the need for extensive integrations

Empower Efficient Decision-Making and Innovation

People and systems have real-time access to the latest information, enabling proactive responses to changing market conditions and opportunities.

Simplify Data Management and Reduce Costs

Data management is streamlined, eliminating redundant data copies and minimizing the complexity and cost of maintaining numerous integration pipelines.

Stop Integrating, Start Liberating

More than half of your IT budget is wasted on data integration, and the effort to build the integration is only the start of the problem. By liberating data, you reduce people/team dependencies and rigid data contracts to make data reusable and deliver business outcomes faster.

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Data integration is obsolete
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Turn Your Next Integration into a Liberation


Centralize Your Data

Connect your existing data sources, applications, and systems as the last integration you'll ever need, eliminating the complexities of multiple point-to-point integrations.


Harness Fine-Grain Controls

Manage and govern access to your data. Define user permissions, privacy settings, and data-sharing rules with precision


Promote Self-Service Data Access and Collaboration

Empower business units, analysts, and data professionals to securely access and collaborate in real-time without bottlenecks

Don't 'rip-and-replace'

Get started with your next integration project

This is not a rip-and-replace solution. You do not need to rebuild every integration to benefit from liberation.

By starting from your next project, you are simplifying work you already doing, and setting yourself up for success for each new future project.

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Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.