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Our goal is to fundamentally change the way data works, making data integration a thing of the past, eliminating countless copies of data, and restoring control when it comes to data access. We help global companies like TD, RBC, and Colliers International to accelerate the delivery of new technology projects, saving them millions in development costs while simultaneously addressing the root causes of data fragmentation and silos.

As we grow this award-winning company, we’re committed to creating the best team possible. If you’re ready to help reinvent the way data works, you’ve come to the right place!

"It's not often you get to be a part of something where there is absolutely no ceiling. Working at Cinchy is extremely challenging, and what I love about it most is being surrounded by people who, like me, wouldn't want it any other way."
Dan DeMers
Dan DeMers
CEO & Co-Founder
"At Cinchy we are anticipating the future! How much more exciting can it get?"
Mercedes Vescovi
Mercedes B. Vescovi
Legal Consultant
"Working at Cinchy is an amazing opportunity! It's very rare to find a technology that has so many disruptive capabilities and unlimited potential. If you like working for a company that is changing the enterprise software world and building a new category in Data Collaboration, come join us!"
Alan Trieu
Alan Trieu
Account Director
"Cinchy is probably the most innovative and important work I have ever done. As a team, we swim in some pretty deep waters like enterprise digital transformation and data privacy, so the stakes are big. But the real reason I love it here is that Cinchy supports my professional transformation, where I am FAR less concerned about the latest (endless) SaaS tool and instead focused on personally solving brand, growth, and customer experience challenges. It's a very empowering place to be and I am loving my evolving role as a 'marketer-technologist'."
Chris McLellan
Chris McLellan
Director, Category Design
"It is a privilege to work for Cinchy, where I am constantly challenged to contribute by wearing different hats and helping in different capacities. To help experienced mentors at Cinchy is an absolute privilege and I am fortunate to play a small role in making data collaboration a reality."
Ali Sina Ahmadi
Ali Sina Ahmadi
Customer Solutions Architect
"It's astonishing how the disruptive technology that is Cinchy could change how the world of data works, and I for one am glad to be aboard this data experience ship."
William Trieu
William Trieu
DevOps Specialist
"Working at Cinchy is challenging and exciting, it is the future since data collaboration is not explored much, it presents so much learning that you can't not love it"
Bhuvana Sirsabesan
Bhuvana Sirsabesan
QA Specialist
"I've been intrigued by the disruptive technology that Cinchy brings ever since I joined the company as a co-op student. I am now graduated and a full-time developer here and it's been an experience seeing myself, the company, and the team grow so quickly. Working at Cinchy brings me a sense of accomplishment because I know I'm working on something that is game-changing and important."
Alvin Ho
Alvin Ho
Platform Developer

Our Culture

Our team is changing the world of data and reshaping the way technology works. Imagine if costly data integrations didn't exist, there were no unsecure copies of data, and technology projects were delivered in days instead of years—that’s the world we’re creating.

We’re a future-facing company both in our mission and in our values. Along with full medical, dental, and vision benefits, we’re proud to offer remote-work flexibility.  

Building the universal engine for data is incredibly challenging… but if you like solving complex problems, there’s no better place to be! 


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Cinchy’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We encourage applications from all qualified candidates around the world, including indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people from gender and sexually diverse communities and/or people with intersectional identities. Diversity breeds excellence.


If you need any accommodation for the interview process please let us know.