Data Federation

The 3 Steps of Data Collaboration

Data Federation
Data Liberation
Data Collaboration

Federate Your Data to Unblock Enterprise Agility Without Losing Control

Data Federation uses data mesh principles to transform your data into federated data products, making it simple and secure for teams, systems, and AI to co-produce data. These data products are owned and governed by the business, without the business having to do all the heavy lifting. 

Enhance Data Control

Business stakeholders, as Data Product Owners, can make changes, set access policies, and oversee data governance without relying on IT, ensuring data remains a strategic asset.

Data as a Product

Simplify the management of data products. Automation of lineage and auditability, as well as historical data and metadata access, makes data management efficient and robust.

Data Co-Production

Data Product Owners authorize multiple producers, enabling them to access and change data independently but within the owner-defined control and governance policies.

The Value of Data Federation

Data Federation right-sizes how the enterprise handles data, shifting control and governance into the hands of the business, and reducing IT dependencies while enabling secure, collaborative data management. Data Federation streamlines operations, improves data quality, and paves the way for controlled agility.

Eliminate data silos

Data silos are the nemesis of efficient collaboration and decision-making. Data Federation breaks down these barriers by creating a network of accessible data products.

Minimize IT dependencies

Waiting on IT for data changes can slow down your organization. Data Product Owners can make changes without IT intervention, driving faster innovation.

Granular access control

Data Access Controls and automated Data Access and Privacy Policies enforced across all applications ensure robust data security and compliance, mitigating risks.

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Enabling Data Mesh Principles and a Data Fabric Foundation
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Unlock the full potential of Data Federation

Create a network of reusable products that can be easily accessed by various teams and technologies.

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Avoid big-bang. Achieve Data Federation iteratively by "changing how you change"


Define Your Data Products

Adapt your change process to ensure federation is a part of future projects, building collaborative/dynamic data products only as you need them to deliver business value.


Establish Business Ownership

Empower business teams to iteratively take ownership of data products without requiring deep IT expertise within the business.


Evolve Your Data Products

Adapt your methodology and tools to enable continuous adaptation and reuse of your data products as your business changes over time.

Achieve Data Collaboration

Enable controlled co-production of data products

Data Federation facilitates a collaborative approach to data management. Allowing multiple teams, stakeholders, and data owners to collectively contribute, access, and interact with data within a secure and controlled environment. Data Product Owners play a pivotal role in enabling this controlled multi-party co-production by defining and enforcing data access policies and maintaining data integrity.

co-produced data products
build onto existing projects

Don't 'rip-and-replace'

Get started with your next project

This is not a rip-and-replace solution. You do not need to rebuild your entire data ecosystem in order to benefit from Data Federation.

By starting from your next project, you are simplifying work you already doing, and setting yourself up for success for each new future project.

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