Higher Education

Empowering Institutions to Innovate with Data in a Secure, Scalable, and Sustainable Manner

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, data drives everything, and Higher Ed is no exception. From student admissions to research and facility management, data is at the core of decision-making. 

Cinchy specializes in enabling "controlled co-production of data," a framework that redefines how data is managed, shared, and secured. Our data collaboration capabilities like data federation, data liberation, and data collaboration are game changers for the higher education sector.

Data Federation

Bring together data from different departments, such as admissions, finance, research, and human resources, without compromising security or data integrity.

Data Liberation

Free your data from silos, allowing for streamlined reporting, better analytics, and data-driven decision-making across the board.

Data Collaboration

Enable various departments to collaborate on data projects, sharing access and control as appropriate, but within a framework that maintains data security and compliance.

Why Data Collaboration is a game changer

Enable Interdepartmental Collaboration

Controlled Co-Production of Data

Imagine a university where the research department can easily access relevant data from the admissions office to analyze student demographics without compromising on data security. Or a scenario where the financial aid office can collaborate with academic departments to tailor scholarship packages based on performance metrics.

Controlled co-production of data enables: seamless, secure, and efficient data collaboration across departments.

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Seamless Digital Transformation

Building on Existing Investments

The best part? Cinchy integrates with your existing systems, so there's no need for a "rip & replace" approach. This ensures that you maximize ROI from your current technology stack while enjoying the advanced capabilities Cinchy brings.

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Top 10 Use Cases

Take the Next Step

Cinchy uniquely enables controlled deployment of cutting-edge technologies like generative AI, letting you leap ahead in research and data analytics. All within a controlled, secure framework.

Are you ready to redefine how data is managed and utilized in your educational institution? Contact us today to learn more about Cinchy's transformative capabilities for Higher Education.

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Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.