Data Collaboration

The 3 Steps of Data Collaboration

Data Federation
Data Liberation
Data Collaboration

Empower Your Enterprise With Unified Data

Data Collaboration breaks down silos and enables seamless interaction with data across your enterprise. Data Collaboration is a transformative approach that enables enterprises to co-produce on data by leveraging data products to access, modify, and exchange data without relying on individual applications or teams.

Streamlined Collaboration

Break down silos, fostering an environment of co-production where teams can work together efficiently.

Real-Time Data Access

Discover, access, modify, and add data in real-time, empowering your teams, applications, and AI to make decisions with the latest information.

Code-Resilient Data

As data models evolve they are protected from code breakage and adapt to changing requirements without extensive IT intervention.

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Moving Beyond Data Integration with Data Collaboration
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Witness the Power of True Data Collaboration

Experience a new level of data accessibility, security, and collaboration across your organization.

Data Co-Production

Data collaboration replaces data integration when data co-production is required

Unlike conventional methods that involve copying data across various systems, data co-production allows different teams and systems to work independently while contributing to and enhancing a shared artifact.

The Value of Data Collaboration

Data Collaboration empowers enterprises to fully leverage their data assets, drive innovation, and make informed decisions for a more competitive and data-driven future.

Eliminate data fragmentation

Unify fragmented data scattered across various applications and systems into a cohesive and accessible structure, eliminating silos and enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their data assets.

Balance data acces and control

Strike a balance between granting data access to users and maintaining control over sensitive information with fine-grained access controls, ensuring that the right individuals have access to the right data at the right time.

Adapt to evolving data models

Safeguard data products against code breakage during updates and changes, providing the agility needed to keep data structures in sync with evolving business needs.

Cross-domain data collaboration

Break down silos for seamless data co-production

Enable different teams, departments, or organizations to co-produce and share data seamlessly across various domains or areas of expertise. Data Collaboration ensures that data can be accessed, modified, and utilized by multiple parties, breaking down silos and fostering cooperation to drive informed decision-making and innovation.

cross-domain data collaboration
build onto existing projects

Don't 'rip-and-replace'

Get started with your next integration project

This is not a rip-and-replace solution. You do not need to rebuild every integration to benefit from data collaboration.

By starting from your next project, you are simplifying work you already doing, and setting yourself up for success for each new future project.

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