The Foundation for Growing Liquidity, ROAA, & Your Customer Base

Imagine acting on collaborative intelligence of your operations – from customers and deposits to liquidity and loans – to increase AUM and asset returns beyond what was previously possible.

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Collaborative Intelligence For Any Financial Institution

Cinchy removes silos and complexity to reveal broader opportunities for growing your customer base, liquidity, ROAA, AUM, and more. By combining data sets from various teams, AI, SaaS applications, spreadsheets, and legacy systems, Cinchy produces collaborative intelligence that fuels the cross-functional execution of growth opportunities that were previously unnoticed.


Collaborative intelligence you can act on to make your Financial Institutions stand out

  • Manage liquidity real-time
  • Enrich custom services
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Assess risk faster
  • Catch fraud instantly

Private Equity

Data silo-busting solutions for managing deals, portfolios more precisely

  • Streamline deal management
  • Speed due diligence
  • Avoid inaccurate reporting
  • Consolidate investor data
  • Improve contract lifecycles


Data collaboration for smarter, efficient policy management and service

  • Enhance policy creation 
  • Make claims process smoother
  • Assess risk more accurately
  • Model appropriate pricing
  • Empower agent performance

How Cinchy’s Data Collaboration Platform Enables Your FI’s Growth

Collaborative intelligence originates from Cinchy’s data collaboration platform, which eliminates silos, removes IT bottlenecks, and ensures governance – all while enabling co-production of data products that activate faster, smarter asset growth for you and your customers.

Benefits & Use Cases

The benefits of Cinchy’s data collaboration are numerous for all kinds of financial institutions, broadening opportunities to increase customer loyalty and returns on assets while improving minimizing risk and tightening compliance.


  • Maximize Customer 360
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Customer churn reduction
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Optimized liquidity, cash reserves
  • Proper attestation, compliance

Private Equity

  • Proactive risk management
  • Maximize capital investment
  • Enhance investor relations
  • Efficient exits, deal closure
  • Greater compliance, ESG


  • Precise targeting, marketing
  • Faster customer onboarding
  • Greater agent productivity
  • Reduced fraud
  • Faster settlements
  • Risk reduction
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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Empowering a Global Bank with Cinchy's Data Collaboration Platform for Effortless Compliance Reporting

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