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We are shifting the way the world works with data

Cinchy is Reinventing Enterprise Data

With the world’s first comprehensive data collaboration platform that liberates data from enterprise apps and evolves it to a universal, fully collaborative data network.

Data liberation empowers connectivity and control by eliminating data fragmentation, data duplication, data silos, and the need for costly and time-consuming data integration. With data collaboration, enterprise data is now available to whomever it's needed, able to move simply and freely to wherever it's needed.

Organizations including TD bank, Colliers International, AIS, and Natixis use data collaboration to accelerate digital transformation projects and reduce the time and cost to build applications by more than 50%. Data collaboration decreases IT project delivery risks, establishes guaranteed data access controls, and enables effortless collaboration on quality data across an organizations’ people and systems. 

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Our vision

People and organizations regain control over their data, collaborate securely in real-time through a single network of interconnected data, copy-based data integration is obsolete, and data is the application.

Our mission

To simplify data management by enabling data collaboration across teams and converging data and applications into a single experience where data works the way it should — connected, collaborative, and completely under your control.

Replace Data Integration with Data Collaboration

Remember when “collaborating” on a document meant sending around a copy, adding comments, and there were multiple versions? Then came the cloud and you could edit a document in real-time.

Data should work that way. Teams collaborate on data in real-time. When a change is made, it is seen instantly and updated across every application. You see who made the change and when. There are no old versions or outdated data. Data owners see who has access and approve or reject every change suggested.

And all of this is easy and intuitive to do – simplifying the way data is managed in organizations so people align on common purposes, teams work better together to achieve shared goals, and organizations are agile to evolve at a faster pace than ever before.

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Cinchy is part of the global movement for improved data control as a founding member of the Data Collaboration Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to advancing control as the foundation for meaningful data ownership, data collaboration, and accelerated innovation.

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