Attestation and Compliance

Real time auditing and tracking of data

Ensuring data accuracy and compliance with various regulatory standards is critical. Cinchy can streamline this process allowing multiple stakeholders to co-produce and validate data in real-time, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Achieve instant reconciliation and a unified perspective across all parties and systems. Say goodbye to the laborious manual resolution of discrepancies, leading to increased efficiency.  Enabling precise, auditable, and compliant reporting.

Data Co-Production ensures constant synchronization of data across all parties and systems. This eliminates the necessity for post-event reconciliation.

Audit Trails

The Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform provides robust audit trails, helping to clearly demonstrate compliance with various regulations that require data attestation.

Risk Management

By enabling real-time attestation, Cinchy assists firms in managing risks associated with inaccuracies in reporting and disclosures.

Data Accuracy

Cinchy allows different teams and systems to co-produce and attest data in real-time, ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date.

Within an ever-evolving data landscape, aligning data sourced from diverse parties or systems, and rectifying inconsistencies and errors has become ongoing challenge, especially as the information often encompasses a wide array of data types, including customer account lists, financial transactions, invoices, and inventory records.

More often than not, these procedures rely on human intervention that can create the potential for compliance breaches.

Customer Spotlight

Empowering a Global Bank with Cinchy's Data Collaboration Platform for Effortless Compliance Reporting

A Canadian multinational bank slashed CDIC report time by 90% with Cinchy's Data Collaboration Platform, saving $75K annually and expanding to AI-driven investigations. 

Manual procedures are prone to human errors, creating vulnerabilities that may lead to lapses in controls and compliance

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