Cinchy Dataware simplifies your journey to data-centricity

Cinchy is the #1 user rated data fabric and leading dataware platform

Cinchy Dataware is a comprehensive data management platform that unlocks data from enterprise apps and connects it in a universal data network. With Cinchy, eliminate data silos and data integration to get simplified, streamlined, and authorized access to data.

Reduce costs of data integration

Eliminate the need for integration between new applications and existing systems

Accelerate application development

Eliminate the need to build a separate data platform for every new application

Automate data governance

Enable guaranteed consistency of data-layer controls across all applications

Unleash the power of your data to deliver positive business results

Go from complex...

The number of applications used in organizations today has exploded. Each application generates and stores data separately, trapping and locking it behind paywalls —  creating more data silos and data fragmentation.

People and software manage data in silos and there is endless sharing of data copies over APIs and ETLs.

But there is better way!

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People and software use dataware to collaborate and data is linked, not copied.

Connect, control, and collaborate on all data  with Cinchy Dataware! Eliminate the need for complex, resource-consuming, and costly data integration.


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What our customers are saying

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Cinchy is an easy tool for data integration and production solution deployment

"Various sources of data integration Building data experiences becomes easy end-to-end Data security with collaboration log"

A Centralized and Simple Data Solution

"The Cinchy Platform helped us transition to becoming a more data enabled organization... Ultimately we were able to remove our pain points with respect to data."

The future of Data Management, Collaboration and Centralization.

"Cinchy's ease of use. The application is very easy to navigate, use and manage. The features are so vast, with continuous improvements and updates, which makes it a leading application to use in any organisation."

Path to Data Centricity

"Cinchy is dataware that gives you back control over your data by freeing your applications from the complexities of storing, connecting and protecting data. The core platform does all that for you. Applications become thin skins on top of all that."

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