AI data access without the risk

Meet the New Standard in AI Governance

Collaborative Intelligence

There's nothing artificial about this intelligence.

Merging enterprise, public, and human-centric data, you can securely leverage AI in so many ways, all in one place. This first-of-its kind Collaborative Intelligence is self-governing, thanks to Cinchy's Data Collaboration Platform.


Operational AI

Let AI do the heavy lifting. Streamline operations by letting AI automate tasks and simplify processes.


Active AI

More sources. Better quality. Integrate and manage AI-derived data to enhance existing datasets.


Generative AI

Rapidly understand it all. Discover buried insights within the organization and across public sources.

Self-goverining AI

Introducing Collaborative Intelligence for the entire enterprise.

Data Collaboration has now enabled groundbreaking AI operationalization capabilities. Within the Cinchy platform, AI can be harnessed and implemented across the entire organization. This AI-powered ecosystem dynamically evolves as it ingests new datasets, meticulously self-regulating through fine-grained access controls tailored to each user to ensure enhanced security and integrity — a pioneering innovation that remained impossible until now.

AI Liberation

The time to leverage AI was yesterday. 

With Data Collaboration, you can rapidly deploy AI across your entire ecosystem.

Cinchy's Data Collaboration platform is engineered to make your data self-governing, thereby priming your ecosystem for worry-free AI implementation.

Cinchy removes worry from the process and breaks open your data silos, so you can supercharge your business operations, products, and services.


All of the AI power. Less of the AI anxiety.

Don't let AI complexity hold you back. With Cinchy, you can move at the speed of AI innovation thanks to self-governing data capabilities for management, collaboration, security, and quality control.

Maximize every AI opportunity with self-governing data.

Smart AI for the Enterprise

Make AI work for you. 

Maximize your AI investment while upholding data governance requirements — and then some.

Integrating AI across your organization can be revolutionary, but it requires a solid foundation of accurate and secure data. Cinchy simplifies organizational data management, ensuring data quality and security, which empowers you to make the most of their AI investments while maintaining a strong data governance framework.

With Cinchy, you can confidently take on AI initiatives without worrying about the integrity or accessibility of your data. 

Safe AI

With great AI power, comes great responsiblity.

Yes, we can help you deploy AI with close to ZERO risk. With the the Data Collaboration 3 step methodology — Liberate, Federate, Collaborate — Cinchy offers unparalleled capabilities that help make AI projects safe and fully controlled, streamline data management, improve organization-wide collaboration, and unlock true enterprise intelligence.


Data Security & Liberation

Create a secure barrier between AI and sensitive data, while still allowing applications to benefit from AI. This is achieved with one-way or two-way data syncing enabled without coding.


Federated Data Products

Create meaningful products with powerful baked-in AI controls that ensure privacy, security, and governance policies are respected and surpassed.


Self-Service Data

Enabled by the Universal Data Browser (UDB), create and control data products while providing full CRUD, change control, data lineage, and time-machine capabilities.

This is Smart AI for the intelligent enterprise

Don't let complexity hold you back. Learn how you can leverage Cinchy's Data Collaboration platform to take the worry out of your AI ambitions.