Integration is Obsolete

A Survival Guide

The Burden of Integration

Coordinating people dependencies and navigating system rigidities of data integration makes digital transformation slow and costly. 

Integration Burden

Time/Resources to Deliver Change

time wasted on integration-1

Replace Integration with Collaboration

data integration vs data collaboration

Liberate your data from applications and connect it in a network to enable data access, control, and collaboration in real time.

Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform


Federate governance and controls

Create and manage data products with granular access/control policies


Liberate, don’t integrate data

Make data available to access and change with real-time 2-way synchronization


Unlock data collaboration

Use data products to access and change data without dependance on individual apps/teams

It's time to make a different choice

Take the simplicity challenge

Enterprises are restricted by rigid and costly data integrations that get worse with every new project. 

It’s time to end this ridiculous tax on innovation.

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you how Cinchy ends reliance on data integration, simplifies IT ecosystems, and enables cross-team collaboration.