Time to Change the Game

2 min read
February 10, 2023

The Cinchy Dataware Platform is a game-changer for organizations looking to manage their data more efficiently. The platform combines key features that allow organizations to connect data from legacy applications, modernize legacy systems, automate data compliance, create 360-degree customer views and digital twins. This all-in-one solution also democratizes data access, making it possible for businesses to build unlimited web and mobile applications without having to install an app-specific database.

At the core of Cinchy's dataware platform is its "Zero-Copy Integration" framework. This means that data never needs to be fragmented or copied to be used to power new digital solutions. Instead, the platform recycles data from a central location, allowing developers to create hundreds of digital solutions with ease.

The platform includes an operational data fabric that connects data bi-directionally in real-time, a network-based architecture that interconnects datasets to form a "power grid" of organizational data, and autonomous data that is protected with access controls set by the rightful owners. In addition, the platform features domain-centric data governance, which federates the management of data, and data model plasticity, which enables datasets to be repurposed for multiple solutions.

Cinchy also supports "last copy" integration, which allows data from legacy applications to be connected just once and used by all future projects with the right access controls. This generates a "network effect" on IT delivery, making it possible for every project to pay it forward to future projects.

Data collaboration is the key to making dataware technology work. Similar to co-writing a proposal with Google Docs, employees join forces to draft digital solutions with the help of tools and applications that contribute to the enrichment of datasets. This allows business users to access, manage, and use data across applications without being limited by silos or data fragmentation.

Dataware technology has a profound impact on job roles in organizations. IT architects can choose control and collaboration over chaos, and deliver digital transformation projects with greater efficiency. Integration pros can focus on data liberation instead of copy-based data integration and contribute to a data network. Data professionals can transition from data management and analytics to data-centric solution design, adding more value and importance within the organization.

The Cinchy Dataware Platform is a significant departure from traditional low/no-code solutions. It "activates" metadata to dynamically create user experiences and application interfaces, making it possible for business users to collaborate on saved "queries" without being limited by silos or data fragmentation. This is the essence of "Data is the Application" in Cinchy.

The Cinchy Dataware Platform has been purpose-built to serve as a collaboration-based power plant that provides organizations with a solution to manage their data more efficiently. The platform's features and capabilities are unmatched, and its impact on job roles and IT delivery is transformative.