Integration Depreciation

Relieve the burden of integration

Following an architectural model of data integration creates more and more complexity throughout your organization. This resulting complexity creates an environment where IT teams simply can’t keep up with the associated work dependencies. Business teams become frustrated that work is not being done fast enough and many projects simply never get started due to this "data contract rigidity". Ultimately making current projects difficult to execute and often fully blocking future projects from being started.

The real pain of integration interdependencies

Project Teams

require the support of source application teams to understand what data they have, how it is stored and how to connect to it.

Application Teams

are constantly distracted and getting pulled onto the critical path of other teams’ projects.

The Business

feels the ongoing pain of enterprise rigidity. The continued use of data integration requires everyone abide to data contracts that makes change complicated or impossible.

The copy-based sharing of data leaves an integration wake of fragmented data scattered throughout the organization, often inaccessible by the business teams and bound in tightly-coupled contracts.

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Integration's a people and process issue

The human dependencies of integration are often the real issue behind why projects take too long and cost too much.

Integration Burden

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Integration is Obsolete
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Data collaboration frees projects from the rigidity of data integration

The pain of integration is not caused by technology or hands-on keyboard issues, it's caused by structure, governance and deployment process issues.

Many business projects are not getting started because of this “anticipated pain” of integration, which leads to a serious lack of agility and forward progress for the business.

Do More Without Integration

Save time and money

Cut your time-to-market and cost of delivery in half for all current projects

Unblock projects

Enable the business to unblock projects that were previously ignored due to the high cost of change

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