Introducing your Spring/Summer 2023 Program Line-Up

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May 3, 2023

The all-new experience has launched and with it, an exciting slew of new programming is coming to your device this spring/summer.

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The UN Show

Managing and using data in today's business world is complex. At Cinchy we’re all about making it simple. The challenge however is, you can't keep things simple unless you make them simple. How do you do that? By first changing your perspective on your business. Not looking at what you are doing, but rather what you need to UN-do. 

This episodic series of the UN Show will cover all the “UNs” you can focus on to move your business from complex to simple. First, and most important, UNdoing your reliance on data integration and UNplugging your data from its silos which requires UNlearning some of your old ways of thinking about data and UNwinding the dependencies on specific teams controlling data access Thus UNlocking true data collaboration throughout your entire enterprise.

Check out the trailer

Champions League

The Champions League is an episodic adventure that follows the incredible success stories of Cinchy customers who have achieved remarkable outcomes via the implementation of a Data Collaboration platform.

Viewers will be introduced to fascinating individuals from around the world, each with their own unique story of how Cinchy and Data Collaboration has transformed their businesses. They will learn about the challenges these individuals faced and how Cinchy’s products and services helped them overcome those obstacles to drive successful business outcomes.

The Champions League also provides ongoing insight into Cinchy’s vision and mission, as well as the values that drive the commitment to helping customers achieve success. Each episode will feature interviews from all the key players, sharing their insights into how they are utilizing Data Collaboration to dramatically improve their business.

Square Peg Round Table

Square Peg Round Table is a thought-provoking show that brings together a diverse group of experts to discuss the latest trends and best practices in data collaboration technology. Each episode features a roundtable discussion in which experts share their insights and experiences.

The roundtable comprises experts from various fields, including data science, information technology and business strategy, to mention a few.. They will delve into the latest advancements in data collaboration technology, including such topics as how to make integration obsolete, data productization, and collaborative analytics.

Through lively and engaging discussions, the experts will share their thoughts on the benefits of data collaboration technology, its potential impact on various industries, and the challenges that must be overcome to ensure its success.

Viewers will gain valuable insights into the best practices for data collaboration, including data governance and security, and will learn how to leverage these technologies to drive innovation and growth.

Juxta Position

Juxta Position is an eye-opening series that separates fact from fiction in the world of enterprise data management. The show takes a critical look at the latest technological trends, products, and services, and exposes the truth behind the hype.

Each episode features in-depth analysis and commentary from experts in the field, including technology journalists, analysts, and IT and business teams. The experts will examine the claims made by the hype and assess their accuracy and relevance. These experts will discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of each technology and assess their real-world applications.

This show will empower viewers to make informed decisions about the latest technologies and help them separate hype from reality. Viewers will gain valuable insights into how to assess the potential of Data Collaboration, and how to make informed decisions about their adoption.

Cinchy on Cinchy

Using Cinchy to Run Cinchy is an inspiring series that tells the story of how Cinchy is using its own Data Collaboration Platform to achieve incredible success. The show follows the journey of the company, from its early days as a startup to its current position as a leading player in its industry.

Each episode features interviews with the company's founders, executives, and employees, who share their experiences of building and growing the company using a data collaboration model. Viewers will learn about the challenges the company faced, the decisions they made, and the strategies they employed to succeed.

The series also provides an inside look at our Data Collaboration Platform, including its features, capabilities, and the people and technology behind it. The show explores how the platform was designed and developed, and how it has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of Cinchy and its customers.

Watch the first episode: Managing A Company-Wide Fitness Initiative

Change How You Change - Why Different Matters

Change The Way You Change explores the latest Data Collaboration strategies and technology and how it can be used to drive business changes and improvements. The show provides practical advice and real-world examples to help businesses harness the power of Data Collaboration and stay ahead of the competition. The series will also explore the improvements that businesses will encounter when implementing a Data Collaboration Platform such as increased data privacy and security, and the creation of enterprise-wide collaborative intelligence.

Change The Way You Change is a must-watch for anyone interested in leveraging Data Collaboration to improve their business outcomes.

As Easy as 1, 2, C

Easy as 1, 2, C is a series of shorts that aims to make Data Collaboration understandable for everyone. The shorts are designed to break down complex concepts into simple terms, helping viewers better understand how this technology really works.

The shorts are designed to be accessible and entertaining, with a mix of humor, graphics, and engaging visuals. Whether you're a business user or an experienced data scientist, Easy as 1, 2, C has something for everyone who wants to learn more about Data Collaboration.

Now Airing: check out the current episodes

On the Road

On the Road is a reality-style series that takes viewers behind the scenes of our busy Cinchy sales teams as they travel across the country attending trade shows and customer events. The show follows the team's adventures as they work to spread the word about Data Collaboration.

The sales team is made up of charismatic and driven individuals who are experts in their field. Each member brings their own unique personality and sales tactics to the team, making for a dynamic and entertaining group dynamic.

Throughout the series, viewers get a glimpse into the world of sales, learning about the latest products and trends in the industry. From setting up booths at trade shows to pitching products to potential clients, the sales team works tirelessly to help make data integration obsolete. 

But the show isn't just about the sales pitch - it's also about the relationships formed along the way. As the team travels from city to city, they encounter all kinds of interesting people, from industry experts to tech enthusiasts. Viewers get to see the team build connections and navigate the ups and downs of the sales process, all while showcasing the latest and greatest from Cinchy.

Watch the first episode: Cinchy Visits the Forrester Data Strategy and Insights Conference

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