How Cinchy's Data Fabric architecture is inspired by the design of the human brain

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March 16, 2020

Think about all the memorable moments in your life. The times you've enjoyed, the challenges you've overcome, the special moments over food with friends, getting that promotion, and even the moments where you have had to be there for someone in the hardest times.

All of these add up. Each of us have millions of memories, blended together in the vast network that is our lives. Behind the scenes, the brain orchestrates this brilliance by connecting each moment with the others in a seamless and efficient way. And this is no small task; it’s estimated that our brains each manage over 2,000 terabytes of data, about ten times more than the largest company on earth.

So, if the brain is the model of perfection when it comes to managing data, why haven’t the world’s most sophisticated companies been able to replicate this design?


Well, it has a lot to do with the way we’ve approached the problem for decades. In today’s world, there’s an ‘app for everything.’ That’s great for your phone, but a catastrophe for the enterprise. Data is tied to the application that creates it, so for every app you build or buy, you also need to stand up a database. This means spending millions each year on integration projects, just to make copies of data across these applications; one app can’t use another app’s data without first making its own copy.

We knew that another application wasn’t going to fix anything. It would just be one more drop in the bucket limiting data usability, violating data privacy, and trapping and siloing our data.

So, we found a different solution—one modeled after the way our own brains handle information. After all, as the great physicist Richard Feynman said, “the imagination of nature is greater than the imagination of man.” And the best the imagination of man had come with was this fractured system of apps and endless data integration projects.

cinchy data viewer

This is all possible because of our interconnected Data Fabric architecture—inspired by the design of the human brain.

This innovation enables possibilities you never imagined. You can stop worrying about standing up new databases and integrating and protecting data for every single project.

With Cinchy, access replaces copies, and solutions delivery becomes faster than ever before.

Technology executives at the world’s largest companies are already leveraging this nature-inspired approach to take control of their data and deliver their most transformative projects.

Mihai Strusievici, VP of Global IT at Colliers International, says that “Data Collaboration is significantly changing the way we deliver technology solutions, significantly decreasing our time to market.”

So, are you ready to get ahead, or content with falling behind?

PS. Our belief is that owners of data will increasingly DEMAND control over their data, and the 40-year old approach to how we design and build enterprise software is not compatible with that future. If you share this belief, we should chat!