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Collaborative Intelligence for Customer Success Solution Enriches AI, Gainsight to Help CS Teams Maximize Renewals, Revenue

Leader in Collaborative Intelligence Partners With Gainsight to Help Customers Boost GRR, NRR by Removing Blind Spots, Improving AI Quality, And Infusing Insights From Siloed Applications Into Gainsight Products

Toronto, Ontario – May 14, 2024Cinchy, the collaborative intelligence company that pioneered data collaboration, announced a materially impactful solution for Customer Success organizations that enriches AI to maximize renewals, net retention rates (NRR), and revenue without costly, time-consuming IT integrations.

Cinchy Collaborative Intelligence for Customer Success is being unveiled at Gainsight’s Pulse conference this week, spotlighting the partnership between the respective leaders in collaborative intelligence and customer success. Cinchy’s solution tackles the age-old problem for Customer Success organizations of operating with limited information, which is often trapped in silos across an enterprise. Cinchy liberates relevant customer information from SaaS applications, spreadsheets and legacy systems and enables AI to produce collaborative intelligence that infuses insights and recommendations into Gainsight’s customer success applications. Cinchy creates a broader universe of collaborative intelligence that uncovers hidden revenue opportunities, enriches customer 360s, and enables faster, smarter decisions on renewing, retaining, and supporting customers.

“Customer Success often manages a bigger book of business than Sales teams, yet they are expected to perform without necessary information to be successful,” Cinchy CEO Paul Patterson said. “Investments in AI are intended to help, but they are also insufficient because they are limited by the information that feeds their models. Cinchy is working with customers to liberate relevant customer data across their enterprises and enable AI to produce collaborative intelligence that infuses insights into Gainsight, without costly, time-consuming IT integrations. We are reinforcing Gainsight’s already powerful impact on Customer Success operations and their desire to empower enterprises to maximize positive customer experience.”

Cinchy Collaborative Intelligence for Customer Success eliminates old, inefficient approaches to integrating applications and data. Using Cinchy to enrich AI and infuse relevant customer intelligence from other applications into Gainsight without the need for endless IT integrations avoids data complexity. Customer Success leaders can focus on what is most important – their customers, not their data. Gainsight customers benefit immediately.

“Gainsight’s place as the market leader in Customer Success was really cemented by our ability       to serve as the core growth engine for not only customer retention, but also expansion and revenue growth,” Gainsight CMO Scott Salkin said. “Cinchy’s role in eliminating data silos and complexity helps our customers incorporate an even wider spectrum of information from siloed, detached applications, enriching the 360-degree view of a vendor and customer’s relationship.      Cinchy’s data collaboration only sweetens our ability to add value to our customers and ultimately our customers’ customers.”

For those attending Pulse who want to see Cinchy’s Collaborative Intelligence for Customer Success solution and its material effects on renewals, expansion sales, and revenue, visit Cinchy at Booth T3 and watch Patterson’s speakership on Thursday, May 16, at noon CST.




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Co-founded by Dan DeMers and Karanjot Jaswal, Cinchy is at the forefront of tackling data complexity and pioneering the data simplification revolution. Its powerful platform addresses the pervasive challenges of data complexity, offering an innovative solution that liberates organizations from legacy data silos and outdated integration methods. Cinchy enables enterprises to combat data complexity, fostering real-time collaboration and maximizing the value of data assets.


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