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Battle of the Modern Data Architectures

From the data warehouse to the data fabric, and beyond

In the fight to design our data environments, is there really only one best way?

Join Joe Hilleary, Senior Analyst at Eckerson Group, and Dan DeMers, CEO and Co-Founder of Cinchy, as they demystify the world of data architecture. In this session, Hilleary and DeMers will explore the evolution of modern data architectures, contrasting a variety of contemporary approaches. Beginning with the data warehouse, they will trace how these architectures have diverged from one another over time, providing context for new and emerging architectures such as the data fabric and dataware.


Joe Hilleary

Joe Hilleary

Senior Analyst,
Eckerson Group

Dan DeMers - 500px

Dan DeMers

CEO, Co-Founder

*Dataware is the emergence of a common group of technologies that solve data-related problems across many business use cases. One of the most exciting new categories within this group is Data Collaboration.

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