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Hype CycleTM for Application Architecture and Integration

Modernize your application architecture without integration

“Increasingly complex, ever-changing application portfolios make it more and
more challenging for software engineering leaders to modernize and deliver new application capabilities. The need for greater business agility, remaining competitive and innovation hinges on integration infrastructure composed as part of a broad, cohesive strategy to deal with the disruptive changes associated with digital business transformation.”

What if you didn’t have to do integration to deliver new business capabilities?

You could:

With the Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform connect enterprise data in a network and make it available for real-time collaboration, without the need for integration. Eliminate the burden of integration pain to cut project costs and time to deliver in half.

Cinchy is recognized as a Sample Vendor for:

Data Fabric
Data Mesh
Digital Integration Hub
Integration Data Hub

Gartner, Hype Cycle for Application Architecture and Integration, 2022, Andrew Comes, Wei Jin , 21 July 2022  

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