4 Emerging Patterns Influencing the Credit Union Industry

2 min read
October 31, 2023

We recently launched FINsights at Cinchy which provides instant access to comprehensive data, charts, and insights from over 20 years of credit union and banking activity.

The data we use comes from the NCUA, we used FINsights to take the data and consolidate it to find 4 emerging patterns impacting the Credit Union industry.

Pattern #1: Overall Market Conditions

Amid a general downturn in deposits across the financial services sector, credit unions stand out as a beacon of resilience. The growth in credit union deposits is not just a statistic; it reflects the increasing consumer confidence in these cooperative financial institutions.

CU trends - Overall Market Conditions-1


Pattern #2 - Return on Average Assets (ROAA)

Credit unions, historically known for their stability, lag behind the broader industry in terms of Return on Average Assets by nearly half. This intriguing trend serves as a testament to the steadiness that credit unions have consistently exhibited.

CU trends - Return on Average Assets (ROAA)

Pattern #3 - Delinquencies and Consumer Behavior

While delinquencies are on the rise across the entire financial sector, credit unions are experiencing a more pronounced uptick. This raises an interesting question: are consumers intentionally delaying payments to credit unions, prioritizing other financial institutions over them?

CU trends - Delinquencies and Consumer Behavior

Pattern #4 - Loan and Lease Growth

The growth of loans and leases in credit unions is maintaining pace with that of banks. This suggests that credit unions are remaining competitive in the lending sphere, indicating their potential for continued growth and prosperity.

CU trends - Loan and Lease Growth

Visit our FINsights page if you're interested in learning more about how we've captured these industry insights. Or If you're interested in how we could do this with your own data and enable real-time insights and experiences with your core banking platform, check out our Credit Union enterprise platform.