FINsights for Credit Unions

Instant Understanding of the Entire Industry

A few clicks, you'll know exactly where you are and where you can go. 

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Access To The Data That Matters

One platform. Limitless insights.

They say business history repeats itself. More often than not, it’s because it's difficult to get the relevant data necessary to understand why and how to make change. Until now.

Introducing FINsights for Credit Unions. Get instant access to comprehensive data, charts, and insights from over 20 years of credit union and banking activity. From historical reports to comprehensive, dynamic, interactive performance analysis.  Get ready to unlock endless intelligence

From Industry Data To Business Decisions

Enter a world where data is not just information but an actionable asset that propels you forward.

Cinchy has opened the doors to a data-driven utopia for credit unions. Opening up unparalleled levels of access and visibility into all the most important data resources needed to make better business decisions.
Let FINsights become the catalyst behind your ability to make swift, well-informed decisions that resonate with a direct and profound impact on our mission to enhance the financial lives of your members.
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Superior Performance Analysis

Sizing up your performance landscape never looked so simple

Decisions made on intuition and emotion can only get you so far. Staying 10 steps ahead of the market requires comprehensive intelligence. Our detailed performance analysis can supercharge those efforts and our performance tools are designed to provide highly detailed, actionable information.

With Cinchy’s superior performance analysis tools:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sharper merger analysis for agile market maneuvers

Combine superior financial and operational analysis to determine which organizations to merge with or acquire. With Cinchy’s analytics tools, you can pinpoint and review financial performance, capital structure, membership base, strategic fit, operational capabilities, and more. 


With Cinchy’s guided merger analysis:

Historical Data & Reporting

Insights as far as the data can see

Tap decades of internal and public data to deliver comprehensive reports, extract superior insights, and provide unparalleled member services.

With Cinchy’s superior reporting:

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Explore a self-serve, live demo environment of FINsights
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Understanding Your Own Data

Go beyond FINsights and unlock insights from your own data.

Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform for Credit Unions liberates data from both applications core systems allowing you to manage and control data as a single entity that makes decision-making in the credit union simple, rapidly accelerating better outcomes for both the business and it’s members.