Wealth & Asset Management

The Future of Data Collaboration for Wealth and Asset Managers

The digital age brings unprecedented challenges and opportunities for Wealth and Asset Managers. Whether it's risk analysis, portfolio management, or regulatory compliance, the currency of success is data. Cinchy specializes in Controlled Co-Production of Data that redefines the way data is accessed, shared, and managed across your organization.

Why is Controlled Co-production of Data Crucial for Wealth and Asset Management?

Wealth and Asset Management is a landscape replete with complex portfolios, compliance regulations, and multi-level strategies. The capacity to rapidly share and synchronize data across various platforms not only enhances your operational agility but also provides a framework for regulatory compliance and secure data sharing.

Agility & Speed

Traditional data systems are slow and rigid, making it difficult to adapt to market changes. Cinchy's data collaboration ensures flexibility without compromising control.


Eliminate data silos and duplicate work. Controlled co-production means every piece of data is captured once and used across multiple applications.


As regulations like GDPR and Dodd-Frank evolve, controlled co-production allows for real-time, compliant data sharing within and across organizations.

Capabilities Designed for Wealth and Asset Managers

Liberate data from applications, manage and control as data products, and provide instant access and real-time data collaboration. 

Data Federation

Avoidance of central bottlenecks by distributing work across business domains. Cinchy facilitate seamless cross-functional data sharing without creating a central point of failure.

Data Liberation

Two-way sync of data to/from existing systems and a semantic model. Cinchy allows you to avoid costly, use-case specific integrations and leverage your existing investments.

Data Collaboration

Controlled co-production of data across teams. Cinchy unlocks the capability to execute complex, data-driven operations seamlessly.

Top Ten Use Cases Enabled by Data Collaboration

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Seamless Digital Transformation

Building on Existing Investments

Avoid rip & replace strategies by building on top of your existing systems. Cinchy's two-way data sync allows you to extract maximum value from your current technology investments.


Future-Proof Your Technology

Control and AI

Data collaboration also uniquely enables controlled deployment of cutting-edge technologies like generative AI. With Cinchy, you can securely share training data and AI model outputs, ensuring that you maintain control while adopting advanced capabilities.

See data collaboration in action!

Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.