Private Equity

Unlocking New Value for Private Equity through Controlled Data Co-Production

In the Private Equity (PE) space, data is the new gold. But data sitting in silos is worthless. Traditional data-sharing approaches fail to provide the agility and control needed to maximize value. That’s where Cinchy excels with its specialized capability for "controlled co-production of data".

Data Sharing vs. Controlled Co-Production

Data Sharing

A static, one-way act of pushing data from one point to another.

Controlled Co-Production

A real-time, unified approach where data attributes are co-produced and managed across systems and teams.

By enabling controlled co-production of data, Cinchy obsoletes the need for case-specific integration, revolutionizing how PE firms collaborate on data-intensive activities.

Core Capabilities for Private Equity

Data Federation

Distribute workloads across business domains, bypassing central bottlenecks.

Data Liberation

2-way sync of data to/from existing systems and a semantic model in Cinchy.

Data Collaboration

Controlled co-production of data that empowers teams to contribute in a unified data ecosystem.

Top 10 Collaborative Data Products for Private Equity

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Seamless Digital Transformation

Built on Existing Investments

Cinchy is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology stack, avoiding the costly rip & replace strategy.


AI with Confidence & Trust

AI/ML & Generative AI Deployment

Controlled data co-production uniquely positions PE firms to safely and effectively deploy AI/ML models, including generative AI, by ensuring data consistency and reliability.

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Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.