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Zero-Copy Integration: Finally, A Data Standard That’s More Help Than Headache

Originally published on Forbes

“We’ll be watching how Zero-Copy Integration evolves. For now, Cinchy is the only company making this bold move towards the integration-free, data-centric environment with Zero-Copy Integration-aligned technology.”

Some functions related to data have advanced with astonishing speed: generation, dissemination, storage, even security (and yes, that one still has many challenges). But there are others still mired in the stone age—call it the 80s—of the digital era. For example, think copies.

How many business professionals still make multiple copies of sensitive data, just as it’s been done for the last four decades? What does this endless duplication do for regulatory risk, security threats and privacy liabilities?

This is a symptom of a larger problem: Far from the data-centric universe we all envisioned, we’re beholden instead to the apps used to create, store, and distribute data. There’s an app for everything, but also a database for every app, leading to dozens of data silos undergoing hundreds of integrations, increasing fragmentation, complexity, and costs. Integration-related tasks alone can drain half the IT budget.

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