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TechTarget: Cinchy raises $14.5M to expand dataware data management

Originally published by Sean Michael Kerner on TechTarget

The startup's technology aims to help enterprises liberate data from applications where it can be locked so that users can more easily get at data from multiple locations.

Cinchy is looking to grow its dataware data management technology with the help of a $14.5 million series B funding round it revealed on Thursday.

The 2017 startup, based in Toronto, develops a type of technology called dataware, which lets organizations view, manage and integrate data across disparate data sources. The Cinchy approach is an attempt to create a new type of data fabric that connects different data sources together in a way the vendor claims will "liberate" data from isolated sources.

The dataware model provides a central repository where data from different sources can be integrated. That data is then accessible to other applications by way of a universal API for data and a data browser.

The market for data fabric and data integration is competitive, with multiple vendors vying for market share. Talend develops a data fabric technology. Informatica is a leading vendor in data integration, and Denodo has a data virtualization platform that helps organizations use data in different locations.

How Cinchy dataware data management helps users

Among Cinchy's users is Benjamin Von Euw, innovation leader at Quebec City-based iA Financial Group. The company is using the dataware technology to help deal with the challenge of having a lot of data in many different places.

"We grew up by acquisition," Von Euw said. "We have mainframes. We have Oracle. We have all kinds of databases, local and in the cloud. Any kind of technology out there, we have got it."

Cinchy is also being used by Forgepoint Capital, which is one of Cinchy's investors, based in San Mateo, Calif.

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