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InsideBigData: Heard on the Street – 6/29/2023

Why organizations need data collaboration technologies to bring the data mesh vision to life. Commentary by Dan DeMers, co-founder and CEO of Cinchy

“When any emerging technology gets a lot of hype, it’s smart to be skeptical. But data mesh defies that stereotype: This discipline keeps the focus on the data itself, rather than the technologies used to create and store it. That’s a major advance in our collective journey to a data-centric culture. Data mesh highlights domain-based ownership, with decentralization to better meet the needs of diverse business constituencies. This represents a clear departure from obsolete best practices around data guardianship and zealous hoarding. It points toward th establishment of data as its own network, and enhances effective governance.

However, as far as data mesh goes, it arguably doesn’t go far enough; what we need is a more fundamental restructuring of the traditional data ecosystem. For that, we need new tools like data collaboration technology that decouple the data from related technologies. This will allow truly federated computational governance; and ensure that wherever the data travels, the permission, controls, policies and more are always consistent. Most importantly, this will eliminate data silos and lead to data that’s integrated without laborious and costly data integration.”

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