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Cinchy Joins Canada’s 2021 Top Growing & Trendsetting Companies

The Cinchy family is honoured to make the list of Canada’s 2021 Top Growing companies. Our thanks not only to The Globe and Mail for their recognition, but to the customers, partners and analysts that are the foundation of our success.

In unprecedented and turbulent times, a large community of Canadian companies managed to both grow as an organization and support their communities. Our resilience during these tough times demonstrates what innovation, talent and drive can achieve.

Cinchy was selected by The Globe and Mail's third annual Report on Business ranking Canada’s Top Growing Companies. Our sincere congratulations to the other +400 Canadian trendsetting businesses that are helping drive the economy.

Cinchy is growing fast because we are leading a major paradigm shift: a future where data rises to become independent of individual applications, making data integration obsolete. This is real, the value is compelling, and it actually works! 3 years in the market, over 100 customers, and ZERO churn.

Cinchy’s contribution to innovation started with a Dataware platform that decouples your data from your applications and stores the data in a centralized network where everything is connected. Without integration!

Cinchy’s Dataware Platform:

  • Is leveraged by organizations to eliminate the need for data integration whenever they buy, build, and/or integrate an application.
  • Enables organizations to manage data as a linked network, where people and systems can collaborate directly on data directly in real-time.
  • Substantially reduces time and money wasted on integration.
  • Aims to make integration obsolete.