Cinchy News

Cinchy is once again recognized by CIX judges as a CIX “Top 10”

We are excited to announce that Cinchy has once again joined the ranks of Canada’s most innovative tech companies that are destined to succeed.

Selected by the 2021 CIX Selection Committee, Cinchy was not only named as a CIX Top 10 Growth company for 2021, but is the only company this year to be a two-time recipient, having won the CIX Top 20 Early in 2019.

Our sincere congratulations go out to our fellow CIX Top 10 companies who were chosen from a starting group of over 490 startups.

Key to Cinchy’s success is our Dataware Platform. Dataware does for data what the power grid did for energy. Data managed and/or originated on the platform is “autonomous”, where it can be exposed to applications to access, change, or create, as a service.

Cinchy’s Dataware Platform:

  • Is leveraged by organizations to eliminate the need for data integration whenever they buy, build, and/or integrate an application.
  • Enables organizations to manage data as a linked network, where people and systems can collaborate directly on data directly in real-time.
  • Substantially reduces time and money wasted on integration.
  • Aims to make integration obsolete.