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Biden pushes Republicans and Democrats “to hold Big Tech accountable”

US President Joe Biden called for Republicans and Democrats to “unite against Big Tech abuses” in an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal.

Biden expressed concerns over how some companies collect, share, and exploit US citizens’ personal data, deepen extremism and polarization in the United States, tilt its economy’s playing field, violate the civil rights of women and minorities, and even put the country’s children at risk.

“There are better options emerging – for example, the Zero-Copy Integration framework, poised to become a national standard in Canada this year and also gaining popularity in other jurisdictions. It enables real-time collaboration on operational data without the need for any copying—a simple advance with huge benefits. Organizations gain meaningful control of their data, accelerated delivery times for developers, simplified compliance and the absence of costly data integration tasks.” – Dan DeMers


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