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Biden Admin Op-Ed Calls for Increased Transparency Into Big Tech Algorithms, Banning Collection of Children’s Personal Data for Targeted Advertising

A recent op-ed from the Biden administration called for a bipartisan push to put tougher regulations on how big tech firms collect and use personal data, including a complete ban on targeted advertising to children.

The Wall Street Journal piece claims that the federal government has reached the end of its statutory rope in terms of regulating big tech, and that major reforms are needed including an amendment to the Section 230 rules that legally separate online platforms from the content that is self-published on them. The administration also mentioned the possibility of even more antitrust scrutiny, saying that “fairer rules of the road” were necessary for smaller upstart businesses to avoid being “smothered” by the major tech players.

“Even if this does lead to new mandates, they won’t go far enough, and they won’t address the root of the problem: Companies don’t control data nearly as much as government officials think they do… There are also emerging technologies like dataware that adhere to the Zero-Copy Integration framework by decoupling data from applications, which unlocks unprecedented collaboration between people and systems, support for unlimited solutions from the same physical data and greatly enhanced governance…”Dan DeMers


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