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Banking Influencers Vote Cinchy 'Best of Show' at Finovate NYC for Data Fabric Technology

Cinchy's on-stage demo at this year's Finovate Fall conference has been voted by audience members as a Best in Show presentation.

The video from the event shows how the company’s Data Collaboration Platform was used to unlock, extend, and operationalize data that had been previously trapped in multiple applications.

A new era in enterprise control

Cinchy, which is hosted either on-premise or in the cloud, is used by tier-1 global banks to deliver hundreds of new technologies, such as new customer experiences, personalizations, workflows, automations, and advanced analytics, at incredible speed.

Our Data Collaboration Platform, which was also named a ‘Top Pick’ at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, uses a network-based architecture to give large, complex organizations the ability to fully control all of their data from a single place.

Cinchy's network-based architecture accelerates technology projects by eliminating Data Sharing and Data Integration, and reduces operational risk by centralizing Data Security and automating Data Governance.

“Data Collaboration represents the biggest shift in enterprise technology since 1979, when the first relational database was released. Teams from across the enterprise log in to our Data Collaboration Platform to easily collaborate on data, skip complex code, and build hundreds of enterprise-grade solutions in half the time.” said Dan DeMers, Cinchy CEO.


Breakdown: Cinchy's enterprise Data Collaboration demo

  • To start, a Salesforce account was connected to Cinchy’s Data Collaboration Platform
  • This took less than 30 minutes without code (this would typically take weeks)<
  • Once connected, the data was instantly added to the network
  • Universal access controls were then set on the data itself
  • The data was then securely available, for free, to unlimited users
  • The data was then extended by linking it, without making copies, to contact data
  • The data was then extended further by linking it to AI-powered buyer persona data
  • A drag and drop query was then used to generate a lead score
  • A data experience was then generated to allow sales teams to engage “hot leads”
  • The Universal Access Controls ensured that the data remained totally secured

Why this is a big deal

Cinchy's demo at Finovate NYC presented the sort of enterprise-grade technology that typically takes take months and millions to deliver with traditional "app-centric" approaches like Data Integration.

With Cinchy and Data Collaboration, it took just days, and was delivered with data access controls that were embedded at the data-layer, which is a radical new approach to ensuring data privacy and data security.

The Lead Score use case was offered as just one example of the hundreds of customer experiences, workflows, automations, and advanced analytics that enterprise organizations can build with Cinchy's Data Collaboration Platform.

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