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Authority Magazine: Data-Driven Work Cultures: Dan DeMers of Cinchy On How To Effectively Leverage Data To Take Your Company To The Next Level

An Interview with Pierre Brunelle

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Become data-centric: We’ve become accustomed to the idea that data serves applications. Only when we flip this notion, and realize that applications serve the data, can we truly become data-driven. Treating data in a way that recognizes its primacy is the only way to turbo-charge IT, development, and new business solutions. Setting data free means allowing it to exist autonomously, outside of any systems and applications, separate from the various technologies it otherwise resides in. This helps in the creation of metadata (data about data) and enables better control and governance.

As part of our series about “How To Effectively Leverage Data To Take Your Company To The Next Level”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan DeMers.

Dan DeMers is Co-founder and CEO of Cinchy, and a pioneer in dataware technology. Previously, he was an IT executive at some of the most complex global financial institutions in the world where he was responsible for delivering mission-critical projects, greenfield technologies, and multi-million-dollar technology investments. After realizing that half of all IT resources were wasted on integration, he created Cinchy with a vision to simplify the enterprise and provide the rightful owners of data with universal control of their information.

Let’s now turn to the main focus of our discussion about empowering organizations to be more “data-driven.” My work centers on the value of data visualization and data collaboration at all levels of an organization, so I’m particularly passionate about this topic. For the benefit of our readers, can you help explain what exactly it means to be data-driven? On a practical level, what does it look like to use data to make decisions?

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