Unlock the Future of Insurance

In an industry as data-driven as insurance, the stakes are high. Cinchy understands this. We specialize in enabling “Controlled Co-Production of Data,” the foundational pillar that transforms the way you manage, share, and leverage your data.

Why is Controlled Co-production of Data important for the Insurance Industry?

The insurance industry is constantly evolving, grappling with regulations, mergers, legacy systems, and the ever-growing customer expectations. At the heart of this are your data silos.

Controlled Co-Production of Data breaks down these silos, making it possible for different departments or even different organizations to collaborate on a single version of the truth. This doesn't just mean more efficient processes—it means unlocking new capabilities that weren't possible before.

Data Federation

Avoid central bottlenecks by distributing work across business domains. This ensures that data is not confined but can flow seamlessly where it's needed most, all while maintaining utmost security and compliance.

Data Liberation

Achieve 2-way sync of data between your existing systems and Cinchy’s semantic model. This avoids the need for use-case specific integrations and frees your data to be leveraged across multiple use-cases and systems.

Data Collaboration

Engage in controlled co-production of data, enabling real-time collaboration across different teams, vendors, or even customers. Set the rules for how data is shared, edited, or deleted, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page.

Top 10 Use Cases in Insurance

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Seamless Digital Transformation

Building on Existing Investments

You don’t have to rip and replace your existing systems to take advantage of Cinchy’s capabilities. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, enhancing it through controlled data collaboration.

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AI with Confidence & Trust

Future-Proof Your Technology

Cinchy's data collaboration uniquely enables controlled deployment of advanced technologies like Generative AI. By having a unified, real-time data layer, AI models can be trained more effectively and safely deployed, all while maintaining data governance.

See data collaboration in action!

Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.