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A different way to connect enterprise data

The Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform connects enterprise data in a network and makes it available for collaboration, without the need for integration. 

Eliminate the burden of integration pain – reduce people dependencies, data contract rigidity, and infrastructure complexities – so you can cut project costs and time to deliver in half.


LIberate, don’t integrate data

Make data available to access and change with real-time 2-way synchronization


Federate governance and controls

Create and manage data products with granular access and control policies


Unlock data collaboration

Use data products to access and change data without dependance on individual apps/teams

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Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform
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Integration is Obsolete
Build Apps without Integration

Don't miss our session presented by Cinchy CEO & Co-founder, Dan DeMers

Tuesday, 23 May 2023 @ 6:05 PM, Theater 1 Exhibit Showcase

Integration is Obsolete
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Included in 44 Gartner reports in the last 24 months for data fabric, data mesh, metadata management, and integration data hub.

"With data at the core of digital business, Cinchy seeks to reimagine applications with data as the focus (in the form of a data fabric) for realizing outcomes in the modern enterprise."
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