Collaborative Intelligence

Is your enterprise data working
together as a network?

If you're relying on integration to connect your disparate data silos, then the answer is NO.

Collaborative intelligence is the collective efforts of a network of agents working together to achieve intelligent outcomes.

In the enterprise, collaborative intelligence is harnessing the collective intelligence of people (individuals and groups) with the power of technology to solve complex problems, make better decisions and drive better business outcomes.

Creating intelligence with data collaboration

Unlock your data's potential

By eliminating integration from the business and fostering an environment of collaboration and ongoing learning, businesses of today can achieve true collaborative intelligence.

To achieve this state organizations must first break down data silos and unlock the full potential of all their data assets, so that real-time collaboration can take place without data being duplicated and mis-used. 

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The first step towards collaborative intelligence

The Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform enables collaborative intelligence within the enterprise to not only begin, but to expand, to grow and to prosper.


The architectural model of a data collaboration platform is what allows collaborative intelligence formation to take shape.

It’s a fundamentally different approach to anything that exists today.

It is an overall design for data interaction that removes the need for integrations and multiple data sources. 

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Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.