Cinchy Dataware Platform

The way data should work.

Dataware simplifies the way you access, control, and collaborate on data.

Unlock all data, across all applications, and connect it in a unified data network with Cinchy Dataware.

Built for real-time data collaboration, Cinchy Dataware addresses the root cause of data fragmentation and data silos, eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming data integration, and mitigates risks of data duplication.

Build a resilient data foundation

Cinchy is pioneering a revolutionary data architecture to power data for business operations and intelligence. By liberating enterprise data from applications and systems, and unifying it in a network, dataware solves the root cause of data silos and ultimately eliminates the need for integration.

End-to-end data management is simplified with automated back-up, versioning, access control, and metadata creation. Data governance is supported with a data mesh/data-as-a-product approach and an auditable data store.  

Unlimited users are empowered with self-service access, search, and delivery of data through a common UI that reduces reliance on IT and friction caused by SaaS apps and other data silos.  

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From Data Fabric to "Dataware"
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Unlock the power of collaboration

Cinchy Dataware helps break down enterprise silos by enabling every team across the organization to enrich data, generate insights, and act on collaborative intelligence. The collaboration happens between business and IT users, programmable functions, and systems connected by the data fabric such as AI/ML tools.

All data is accessible through a unified interface that enables users to work and interact with operational and metadata in real-time. 

All collaborations are controlled via role-based and auto-enforced access grants that can be set to the granular level down to the cell.

Activate intelligence to drive business results

With the Cinchy Dataware Platform in place, enterprises leverage data as an adaptive network to accelerate the delivery of digital transformation. On top of the network of data, new applications, analytics, and automations are rapidly built, legacy systems modernized, and SaaS apps extended with the delivery of enriched data.

An efficienct and agile solution delivery environment is created with schema plasticity, active metadata, and persistence-as-a-service.

Dataware supports a modular, composable approach to development by involving a fusion of business, data and IT teams to reduce time, cost, and code to deliver on business requirements. 

Cinchy simplifies the way organizations connect, control, and collaborate on their growing volume of data.

Reduce IT & data complexity

Simplify the way you manage, share, control, and collaborate on data

Eliminate data integration

Reduce cost and time to build or enhance applications by over 50%

Prevent data silos

Stop creating a new data silo every time you add or enhance an application

Build and deploy solutions faster

Accelerate time to deliver new business capabilities while reducing cost and resources needed

Connect users to real-time data

Give business users direct access to manage, control, and update data through a single user-friendly UI

Ensure consistent data controls

Apply data-layer controls for consistent protection and compliance across all applications

The Cinchy Dataware Platform is a fully integrated end-to-end data management solution

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Get started with Cinchy Dataware

Current reality


  • Apps trap and silo your data
  • Data integration is a constant burden (copy-based APIs/ETLs)
  • Data silos prevent collaboration on knowledge

First steps


  • Identify projects to buy, build, or integrate an app
  • Use ‘last-copy’ integration to integrate data from existing on-prem and cloud apps
  • Avoid integration for new apps

Future vision


  • Apps don’t trap or silo data
  • Enable “zero-copy’ integration for data access, not copies
  • Leverage data from new apps to make existing apps smarter

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Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.