How Cinchy Empowered Cosmo Music in Transforming Retail Data Management

With Cinchy, Cosmo Music was able to achieve real-time data collaboration, streamline their workflows, and gain a competitive edge

About Cosmo Music

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Cosmo Music is a prominent name in the retail industry, specializing in musical instruments. Situated in Toronto, Canada, Cosmo Music boasts a vast inventory spanning multiple vendors and sales channels. Their unique long-tail product offering is geared towards meeting the elusive and specific needs of musicians.

Challenges Faced by Cosmo Music

Data Fragmentation and Integration Woes in Retail

Before embracing Cinchy, Cosmo Music grappled with complex integration issues that hindered workflow efficiency. Maintaining and updating data across a diverse array of products and platforms was a constant challenge. As Mark Hebert, CEO of Cosmo Music highlighted, "integrations were becoming a failure point for us."

Some of the data challenges Cosmo Music faced included:

Data Silos and Integration Problems

Cosmo Music struggled with the fragmented data landscape, making it difficult to streamline workflows and access real-time information for informed decision-making.

Massive Inventory and Vendor Relations

With an extensive inventory and a wide array of vendors, Cosmo Music needed a robust system to manage data efficiently. 

Changing Consumer Habits and Marketplace Dynamics

Cosmo Music needed to adapt swiftly to changes in consumer buying habits by navigating dynamic marketplaces, maximizing product exposure, and efficiently serving customers.

Enter the Cinchy Solution

Data Collaboration Unleashed

Cinchy, with its revolutionary Data Collaboration Platform, unlocked new opportunities for Cosmo Music. According to Mark, the platform's ability to facilitate seamless data collaboration was a game-changer. "Many people can collaborate with data in a very easy and collaborative way, and it's not something that's available anywhere else," Mark stated.

Cinchy's Impact on Cosmo Music

The adoption of Cinchy led to a significant simplification of Cosmo Music's workflows. Notably, it streamlined data access across departments, empowering different teams to work more efficiently. According to Mark, “‘multiple users who never could have access to data in a way that was meaningful to them now have access to it, from warehouse people to product enrichment folks to marketing folks”

Moreover, Cinchy allowed Cosmo Music to eliminate the complexities of integrating various platforms, paving the way for their ambitious vision of implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks like product enrichment. 

Cosmo Music's results with Cinchy

Unveiling Success and Charting the Path Ahead

Cosmo Music leverages Cinchy within their omnichannel strategy to be able to keep track of where customers shop whether it’s on Cosmo’s website, in-person, or through marketplaces like Amazon, Reverb, and eBay. The integration and customization capabilities of Cinchy help them enrich data, making it more accessible to customers and partners. 

Cinchy has brought about remarkable changes for Cosmo Music, delivering the efficiency and collaboration they desperately needed. With Cinchy, Cosmo Music has gained access to real-time data in a customizable manner, offering a competitive advantage in the retail industry. The results are already evident:

In the future, Cosmo Music aims to incorporate AI more extensively into their operations using Cinchy. The platform's unique data collaboration features open doors for external collaboration, enabling vendors to enrich data, introduce new products, and implement versioning changes with unprecedented ease.

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