Revolutionize Data Management Through Controlled Co-Production of Data

In today's regulatory-intensive landscape, traditional data sharing isn't cutting it. Controlled co-production of data—Data Collaboration—is the new standard, setting your bank apart by breaking down silos without sacrificing security. Unlike mere data sharing, data collaboration allows multiple departments to add, modify, and enrich data in real-time, creating a single source of truth.

Data Federation

Distribute work across business domains, avoiding central bottlenecks.

Data Liberation

Two-way sync of data to/from existing systems, eliminating use-case specific integration.

Data Collaboration

Controlled co-production of data for enriched, real-time insights.

How Cinchy Makes Integration Obsolete

Why waste resources on one-off integrations when you can collaboratively produce data? Cinchy overlays your existing technology stack, making "rip & replace" a thing of the past.

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Top 10 Collaborative Data Products Uniquely Enabled by Controlled Co-Production

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AI with Confidence & Trust

Controlled Deployment of AI/ML, Including Generative AI

Data Collaboration lays the groundwork for safer, more efficient AI/ML deployments. From risk modeling to chatbots, produce more reliable outcomes without the risks of traditional data pools.


Seamless Digital Transformation

Cinchy Builds on Your Existing Investments

No need for a rip & replace; Cinchy seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture, maximizing the value of your current systems.

Cinchy's approach to Data Collaboration is not just an evolutionary step but a revolutionary one, fundamentally transforming the way data is managed, accessed, and leveraged in the banking industry. Our unique capabilities enable you to solve real-world problems more efficiently while building on top of your existing investments.

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Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.