Make integration obsolete

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Imagine a reality where all your enterprise data is liberated, integration is dead and your data is the application.

This reality is here today and getting there is simple.

Cinchy has pushed data management beyond data warehouses, data lakes, data mesh, and data fabrics with a revolutionary approach known as dataware.

Dataware is the first step.. to your last integration.

Stop the inertia of today’s complex, integration-heavy approach to data architectures

Dataware blasts you into a future of data simplicity

Evolve siloed data into enterprise data networks that are autonomous, and fully collaborative

With dataware, intelligence is the platform.

Stop thinking about what is, and envision what can be

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Start using Cinchy today and here’s what happens tomorrow

Save time and money

Eliminate application-specific databases and data integration from transformation projects

Gain insights and agility

Business teams are able to self-discover, query, manage, and create new data across all applications

Guarantee consistent data controls

Access data across all applications through fully-automated data governance

Are you ready to get there?

"Cinchy has demonstrated the ability to innovate by delivering an integrated end-to-end data fabric with a high degree of automation to simplify fabric development and deployment."
The Forrester WaveTM Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2022
"With data at the core of digital business, Cinchy seeks to reimagine applications with data as the focus (in the form of a data fabric) for realizing outcomes in the modern enterprise."
Gartner - Cool Vendors in Data Management
"Dataware has the potential to revolutionize both software development and analytics. Just as the advent of software decoupled function from hardware and enabled the birth of the modern computer, dataware seeks to decouple data from software to enable a new paradigm of application independent data"
Eckerson Group - The Rise of Dataware
"Cinchy, via its technology IP, is addressing a very real problem in data management that currently is the basis of countless enterprise data silos– application lock-in of data. The concept of dataware offers a much more unified and governed view of organizational data assets without having to abandon the benefit of application UI/UX."
451 Research - From data fabric to “dataware”
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Included in 44 Gartner reports in the last 24 months for data fabric, data mesh, metadata management, and integration data hub.

Rated 5/5 in the product vision criterion for enterprise data fabric providers in The Forrester Wave.

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Explore analyst insights from Gartner, Forrester, Eckerson Group, and 451 Research.

Move from your current complex reality...

The number of applications used in organizations today has exploded. Each application generates and stores data separately, trapping and locking it behind paywalls —  creating more data silos and data fragmentation.

Application development is fragmented, integration heavy and cross-functionally limited where there is endless sharing of data copies over APIs and ETLs.


Getting to this new reality isn’t complex.

It’s simple. the future of simplicity where your data is set free.

People and software use dataware to collaborate and data is linked as a network, not copied.

Move away from the complexity of collapse paradigm to the simplicity of connectivity.  The result isn’t just higher business intelligence, it’s exponential knowledge growth and plasticity throughout the entire enterprise. 


Positive ROI from your first project

4 months

2 weeks

Tier 1 bank built a Reference Data solution

9 months

1 month

Commercial Real Estate firm built a 360 view of the customer

6 months

2 months

Major Asset Manager built a Fund Launcher solution

With dataware in your new world of data liberation

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