Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform - Credit Union Edition

The next level of member experience

Liberate data from your core systems as the foundation to your digital strategy

Knowing members personally has been the hallmark of Credit Unions. Developing and building these relationships was much easier when members stopped by their local branch almost weekly.

Today members interact with their credit union in many different ways.

There's never been a more important time to provide personalized member experiences, in every way members interact with you.


Data collaboration helps you deliver a better member experience at every touchpoint

Navigating member data siloed across many core systems and applications limits your ability to understand members’ unique needs and build new personalized interactions.

Get rid of silo's and liberate your data into a data collaboration network 

Easy to access member insights - Action personalized recommendations

Better experiences for every member, every interaction

With this liberated network of data in place, application-driven capabilities can be easily built on top of your data putting the data to work to improve interaction with each and every member. Configure insights into fully automated operational workflows to put them into action.

It's not just reporting, it's personalized engagement

The Member Experience Engine continually monitors all member data, such as life events and transactions. When a member comes up to a teller or sends an email for assistance, staff are notified of a product or service offering most relevant for the member. The automated workflow ensures a personalized recommendation is made direct to the member.

Less transactional - More personal

When branch activity is slow, branch staff can use member insights to reach out and provide personalized recommendations. 

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Data collaboration is better... because it's different

Liberated Data

Free the data from core systems (Corelation, Jack Henry, Fiserv) and SaaS applications (CRM, lending).

360 Member View

Give staff easy self-service access to a 360 view of all member data. Reduce reliance on IT for data access.

Insight to Action

Easily configure insights and actions to empower staff and automate effective operational workflows.

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