Data Collaboration Platform

It's integrated data without data integration

End data integration with data collaboration

The Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform liberates data from applications and allows you to manage and control data as products, eliminating the need for future data integration. The result is a more agile data ecosystem that makes change simple, rapidly accelerates business outcomes and fosters collaborative intelligence across the enterprise.

Cure integration pain

Reduce people/team dependencies and rigid data contracts to make data reusable and deliver business outcomes faster

Improve data governance

Set granular data access and control policies that are universally enforced across all applications

Enable data self-service

Provide direct access for business users to self-serve operational reporting and analytics and build low-code/no-code business applications

A different way to connect enterprise data

With the Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform connect enterprise data in a network and make it available for real-time collaboration, without the need for integration. 

Eliminate the burden of integration pain – reduce people dependencies, data contract rigidity, and infrastructure complexities – so you can cut project costs and time to deliver in half.


LIberate, don’t integrate data

Make data available to access and change with real-time 2-way synchronization


Federate governance and controls

Create and manage data products with granular access and control policies


Unlock data collaboration

Use data products to access and change data without dependance on individual apps/teams

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Make data reusable with an agile data ecosystem

With the Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform get the agility to make delivering tech change simple, rapidly accelerate business outcomes, and foster collaborative intelligence across the enterprise. 

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Data Persistence: Maintain total control over your data and run Cinchy in cloud, on-prem or hybrid

Data Liberation 

Data Productization 

Data Collaboration

Get started with your next project to avoid future integrations

Use the Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform as your foundation for change starting with your next big project and – limit the need for future integrations. 

data integration vs data collaboration
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Deliver business capabilities with speed and ease

Anything 360 views

Configure 360 views - Customer 360, Product 360, Employee 360, Project 360, Partner 360 - across all data

Operational reporting and intelligence

Generate dynamic reports and analytics on real-time data across all applications and systems

Data delivery

Provide data across the organization for business users or project teams with universal management and controls

Applications and automations

Create custom UIs on top of all data without a new data store or new data access control logic

Collaborative Intelligence

Power collaboration between people and systems to enrich data, generate new insights, and put into action

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See data collaboration in action
Learn how you can make integration obsolete with a personalized demo
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Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.