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Simplify Your Path to DATA NIRVANA with Dataware

What do implementing data mesh principles and a data fabric foundation with a Dataware platform mean for the business?

Join guest speaker Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Dan DeMers, CEO and Co-Founder of Cinchy, as they deep dive into enabling data mesh principles and a data fabric foundation with a revolutionary new data architecture approach, Dataware. In this session, they will explore how to facilitate data as a product, enable self-service and federated governance – simplifying the path to data nirvana and realizing business value from autonomous data.

By removing silos and bringing together data for your application development, data management, and governance teams, and the users of applications and data and data owners in your organization, you’ll not only facilitate real-time access, but accelerate data collaboration, utilization, and development, and ensure data management and controls deliver benefits for the business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What Dataware is and how it brings together data mesh, data fabric, and self-service
  • How Dataware helps you manage, control, and collaborate on data across your organization
  • How to get started with Dataware and move along the path to being truly intelligence-driven


Michele Goetz

Michele Goetz

Principal Analyst,

Dan DeMers

Dan DeMers

CEO, Co-Founder

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