Gartner Maverick Research

Treat Data as a Persona

Are you able to have conservations with your data???

Of course not, your data is not an actual person. But what if your data could become a persona and interact with humans and systems to help view data, develop apps, control data access, or add a collection of data…

“We now have the opportunity to switch our focus from the need for data integration to the opportunity for data not to fragment in the first place.”

This Maverick research contradicts conventional thinking that data, metadata and
their associated processing are separate, independent things that need to be integrated using data management tools. It highlights how an “application first” approach encourages and perpetuates data fragmentation because of vast gaps between different applications’ use and control of data.

“The best way to integrate data and metadata is not to let it fragment in the first place.”

Stop fragmenting data by treating it as an afterthought

See recommendations from Gartner for a fundamentally different way of working to gain efficiency and productivity, and reduce friction between applications, tools and pools of data:

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