Customer 360

Aggregate customer data to create high-performance, high-scale, meshed data solutions

In today's business landscape, the key to delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering lasting advocacy lies in truly understanding your customer's data.

A unified Data Collaboration Platform eliminates data silos amongst business units, subsidiaries, and partners and allows you to establish a cohesive, consolidated and truthful  data perspective on all your customer data. 

Easily explore fully tailored cross-channel customer information, with built in data quality controls

Single Source of Truth

Liberate customer data from multiple systems and applications to create clean, normalized data products that can be accessed and edited across business domains.

Data Governance

Data level access controls guarantee authorized data access and fortify protection against unauthorized breaches, empowering business users to engage with their data directly, leading to increased productivity.


Easily access a comprehensive collaboration log for compliance and verification purposes. Streamlining regulatory compliance processes, ensuring instant data consistency and resilience across all your data.

Data Collaboration frees data from the silos of business unit specific applications

The deeper your understanding of your customers the better their overall experiences, increasing the probability of customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. A consolidated customer perspective such as a single 360 view will hold strategic significance across the majority of your business domains.

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Overcoming traditional Customer 360 challenges with a Data Collaboration Platform

A Data Collaboration Platform persistently orchestrates transformation and synchronization of customer data. We call this Data Liberation. This process culminates in the delivery of truly comprehensive, truly real-time 360 customer views. This federated data approach mitigates the usual challenges associated with non-mesh based approaches to managing customer data.

See data collaboration in action!

Connected data without the effort, time, and cost of traditional data integration.